Houseplant of the week: four-coloured silver inch plant

Why will I love it?
It’s a fast-growing trailing plant in millennial pink. Its cultivar name, Tradescantia fluminensis quadricolor, means “four colours”, for its beautiful, variegated leaves, striped in green, silver, pale pink and red. Not only can it grow up to an inch a day, but you only need an inch of it to grow a new plant (hence its common name). So that’s a few birthday presents sorted.

Light or shade?
Bright indirect light.

Where should I put it?
A shelf adjacent to a sunny window in your kitchen or bathroom, so you can appreciate its attractive trailing stems.

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How do I keep it alive?
It has succulent-like leaves, so you don’t have to worry a great deal about humidity. However, it will be worth misting the plant if you notice the leaves becoming shrivelled or the tips starting to brown. Water little and often and don’t allow the compost to dry out completely. It prefers warm temperatures, with a minimum of 12C.

Did you know …
Fruits sometimes form, with grey-brown seeds used in parts of Mexico to make a cold herbal tea named matali. The plant is mildly toxic if ingested, and can irritate skin.


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