Horrific footage shows pack of hyenas savage LION in gruesome attack after big cat was left abandoned

TERRYFING footage shows the moment a pack of angry hyenas savaged a lion after it was left abandoned in the wild.

The chilling video shows the group of snarling beasts continually pounce upon the lone feline as they fought over a dead carcus.

The Lion was pounced upon by nine hyenas


The Lion was pounced upon by nine hyenasCredit: Roaring Earth
The beasts were after a dead carcass to feast on


The beasts were after a dead carcass to feast onCredit: Roaring Earth

In the clip, posted on Reddit, the pack of nine hyenas surrounded the brave lioness in the dead of night.

Footage shows the group rip and tear chunks from the standalone mammal, despite her best efforts to flee.

The incident reportedly took place in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park as the lion was protecting her cubs.

But park officials say that the brave big cat escaped with just a damaged ear – later re-joining her pride.

Users were shocked by the brutal reality of Mother Nature as one user commented: “Damn, Nature! You scary!!”

A second added: “This really shows the strength of lions. Sad, but incredibly impressive. “

While another put: “That lioness fought hard for her Cubs”

According to experts. Hyenas and lions and two of Africans most deadly predators and are regularly spotted locked in battle.

Hyenas are famed scavengers and are known to feed on carcasses, rather than hunt for themselves.

The carnivores use different sounds to communicate with clan members up to five kilometres away and are rarely thought to attack people, feasting instead upon remains of animals.

However that trend has been bucked in rise in recent years, amid a spike of fatal human related incidents across parts of Africa.

Last year, a pack of hyenas reportedly dragged a man from his bed and tore him to pieces in a savage attack.

Only the head, arms, and legs of Tendai Maseka, 46, were recovered close to his home in Zimbabwe after a passerby made the grisly find the next day.

Screams for help were heard coming from the 46-year-old’s Banure village hut before police found the walls of his room splattered with blood.

Elsewhere, in Ethiopia, a five-year-old boy was left severely disfigured after being mauled by a hyena outside his home.

And a teenager reportedly had his bones “crushed like a packet of crisps” by a beast as he slept on a family camping trip in South Africa.

The lion bravely battled the pack and escaped with its life


The lion bravely battled the pack and escaped with its lifeCredit: Roaring Earth
Hyenas and lions are two of Africa's most deadly predators


Hyenas and lions are two of Africa’s most deadly predatorsCredit: Roaring Earth

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