Hong Kong protests enter 11th consecutive weekend

Protesters march westwards on Gloucester Road in Hong Kong.
Protesters march westwards on Gloucester Road in Hong Kong. Eric Cheung/CNN

After tens of thousands of people gathered in Victoria Park on Sunday, central Hong Kong is occupied and closed to traffic once again as thousands march westward through the city’s streets.

Where are protesters now? Small crowds are gathering outside the Legislative Council building but most are plodding on home in the rain.

Harcourt Road, a key thoroughfare which passes Hong Kong’s legislature, has previously been the site of multiple clashes with police since the anti-government, pro-democracy protests began in June. Protesters have unfurled a banner from the walkway reading “We want democracy.”

Streams of protesters continue to head west and are pushing on into Central district.

Protesters unfurl a banner reading "We want democracy" on Harcourt Road
Protesters unfurl a banner reading “We want democracy” on Harcourt Road James Griffiths/CNN

Will protesters stay out? While most appear to be headed home, small groups of mostly younger protesters wearing masks are staying on the streets, camping out under limited cover.

What are protesters saying? On Harcourt Road outside the legislative council, Elfa, 22, says she thinks the protest “should stay peaceful” if police stay behind their barricades and tolerate the marchers. She points out that the occupation here is partly a result of police denying the march permission and therefore there was no fixed route. She and her friends plan to stay here despite the non-stop rain. “Tear gas won’t work in the rain,” she points out.

A family marches on in the rain.
A family marches on in the rain. Joshua Berlinger/CNN

Where are the police? Police presence has been minimal all over the march’s route, which was not authorized by authorities. Given police have cleared Harcourt Road several times before, if there are clashes tonight this is likely where they will take place. 


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