Holly and Phil in stitches as This Morning's Scottish editor storms out gallery

This Morning ‘s Holly Willoughby and Phillip Scofield taunted their Scottish editor Martin Frizell today as England get set to play in the Euros semi-final.

The ITV set was emblazoned in England flags ahead of their match with Denmark tonight and a singer even opened the show.

But when the pair started the show they made sure they gave a ‘special shout’ to the only Scotland fan in the studio.

Martin stormed out the gallery

Holly said: “Today we are going all out as England take on Denmark later for a place in the Euros final!”

Phillip added: “Yeah and a very very very special mention to our Scottish editor today who is having such a lovely time – there we go there he is in the back, he’s leaving the room!!”

Martin can then be seen walking out of the gallery as the rest of his colleagues wave England flags.

Taking to his Instagram, Martin went on to show his decorated office and captioned it ‘What manner of hell is this???”

The This Morning social media team even poked fun at Martin on their Twitter page.

They wrote: “It’s so close to coming home! Come on England! (And a very special mention to our Scottish editor, Martin – who is having an absolute ball today!)”

In another tweet, they added: “In honour of our Scottish editor, Martin – here’s a thread of how much we’re celebrating ahead of England v Denmark, live on ITV from 6:30pm!”

Martin posted on his Instagram

But some Scottish fans hit back at the show.

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One wrote: “I have switched channels, first time in ages to do this! #cmondenmark.”

Another added: “Just a reminder there’s more than just England watching the tv. It’s on every channel this past week. Maybe people want to watch tv without hearing “it’s coming home” all day long. Crush their dreams Denmark!!”

While one said: “If it was Scotland or Wales would This Morning Holly wearing there T shirt and there National flags flipping sure there wouldn’t , come on Denmark.”

Another wrote: “Guess what we will not be watching this morning. Hope the smug grins get wiped of your faces tonight COME ON DENMARK.”

Yesterday, Good Morning Britain had a debate about Scottish people supporting England in the semi-final.

The Krankies joined Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley to say they would be supporting England, while journalist Gordon Smart said he wouldn’t.

Scots fans are known for jesting their football rivalry with England fans.

Susanna asked the couple: “You’re going to be singing ‘Come on England, it’s coming home, aren’t you?”

Holly and Phil teased Martin on today’s show

Ian Tough smiled as he said: “Yes, certainly, we’re British and Scottish, let’s stick behind Britain, if it was Wales or if it was Ireland – we’re all one… it’s against the European’s – we want to win!”

And when Richard Madeley asked Gordon to explain his reasoning behind supporting ‘anyone but England’, Gordon said: “Low self-esteem, rampant paranoia and good old-fashioned mischief making, Richard, right?

He added: “It’s about rivalry. I’ve got two teams – Hibernian and Scotland. I’m afraid I don’t just then automatically support my nearest geographical neighbour as a result of us going out of a tournament.

“It’s a bit of fun, right? I need to make it absolutely clear, I think Gareth Southgate is a phenomenal manager, and a brilliant diplomat. A great bloke, a wonderful ambassador…That England team is probably the most likeable for a long time, but I still want the journey to end one stop before it gets home.”

Who will you be supporting tonight? Let us know in the comments!

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