Hit the snooze button, beauty sleep is definitely a real thing

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If you’ve ever wondered why you just look better after a good night’s sleep, you’re not the only one.

There’s no scientific way to work out if people who sleep more are more attractive, but what bed company Sealy have done, is work out how much sleep we need to feel better looking.

In their study, they found that more than half of respondents felt that sleep had an impact on their appearance, with those who slept better saying they had brighter eyes, and clearer and brighter skin.

The perfect timing for this beauty sleep is apparently around 9 hours and 10 minutes, running from 9.45pm to 6.55am the next day.

The only thing people put in front of sleep in terms of beauty was diet. Exercise, fashion, makeup, and grooming trailed behind.

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Although this is a study based on people’s responses, there’s a lot of truth in it.

Your body recovers while you sleep, producing skin-plumping collagen and boosting blood flow.

With increased blood flow is the increased delivery of nutrients to different parts of your body such as skin and hair, which is where the ‘well-rested’ look comes from.

On top of this, when you’re sleep deprived your body produces more of the hormone cortisol. This can prompt everything from hair loss to inflammation of the skin.

Essentially, you can be applying every cream under the sun, but without rest your body will struggle to repair itself.

Now you have a great excuse to curl up and go to bed early. And they said beauty was pain?

How to get a good night’s sleep

Take a warm bath or shower about two hours before bed.

Stay away from screens as much as possible.

Dim your lights earlier, so your body gets used to the fact it’s night time.

Practice a bedtime routine (get your thing ready for the next day, take makeup off, and make sure your room is tidy and relaxing).

Avoid caffeine after dinner – or earlier if you’re particularly sensitive.

Keep your room warm and wear pyjamas and socks if you normally get chilly at night.

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