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Omron G5PZ-X high inrush relay

Called G5PZ-X, it is a PCB-mount 200Vdc 20A SPST-NO relay with a 15.2 x 26.4mm footprint, and designed so that two can be connected in series to switch 400Vdc 20A.

“This level of performance can help protect delicate components from very brief load peaks before the circuit stabilizes, or for main circuit shutdown,” according to the company, which claims: “A pair of G5PZ-X relays offer comparable performance to the nearest competitor device, but with reduced device length and height. Two-contact series connection is acquired through UL/TÜV/CQC.”

The company makes this combined length and height 26.4 x 29.5mm. According to the data sheet: “when using a two-contact series connection, ensure an interval of at least 10 mm between the product units”, which would make the combined width at least 40.4mm according to Electronics Weekly’s slide rule.

There are two versions of the relay: operating nominally at 12V (272Ω coil) or 24Vdc (1.087kΩ coil). Either coil dissipates 530mW, which can be reduced to ~133mW after 100ms by dropping the applied voltage to the 50% hold value.

Omron G5PZ-X high inrush relay contacts in seriesTwo relays are approved to double voltage rating – note also compulsory Zener and diode

Neither the coil nor contacts are polarised. The data sheet calls for a series-connected diode and a Zener diode (rated at 3x the nominal coil voltage) to be connected across the coil to absorb transient voltage spikes (example left).

Minimum insulation distance between coil and contacts is 5.5mm (clearance, creepage is 8mm min), and the impulse withstand voltage is 10kV. Dielectric strength is 4kVac 50/60Hz 1min between coil and contacts.

Minimum durability is 2,000,000 operations mechanically but 1,000 operations at 200Vdc 20A (resistive load), rising to 100,000 operations at 200Vdc 250mA. 20A and 250mA durability is identical for the series connection, except test voltage rises to 400Vdc. “G5PZ-X, which features Omron arc control technology, delivers reliable high capacity DC bi-directional switching on a small footprint,” according to company product marketing manager Andries de Bruin.

Data sheet provided to Electronics Weekly. It was not yet live on Omron’s website at the time of writing.



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