High blood pressure: How to check your blood pressure – Expert insight on 'silent killer'

Everyone in the UK is invited for a health check at the GP once they turn 40, where their cardiovascular risk will be assessed.

If your blood pressure reading shows high blood pressure, the GP will repeat this a few times before diagnosing you with hypertension.

Can you check your blood pressure at home?

It is possible to buy a blood pressure machine and test it yourself at home but experts warns this can be tricky.

Those who want to check their blood pressure at home will most likely be people who need to look at it often, because they know it is very high, for example.

Ms Giblin says: “As I said, the most important thing is to know your numbers. So find out what your blood pressure is.

“If it’s higher than 140 over 90, then we will recommend you do a series of blood pressure tests yourself at home, or speak to your GP if you are not comfortable, comfortable and confident to do it yourself.

“We recommend you use a blood pressure machine for the arm and find a cuff that fits your arm because an oversized cuff will give you a lower reading, whereas a cuff that’s too tight will make your reading higher than it may actually be.”


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