Here's How Stephen "tWitch" Boss Really Feels About The Ellen DeGeneres Show Ending

That idea hadn’t really occurred to the comedian either. 

Though she revealed on the May 13 episode of her eponymous series that she “had thought a lot about this decision,” meditating about it and talking it over with wife Portia De Rossi, “Two years ago, I signed a deal for three more years,” she explained, “and I always knew in my heart that season 19 would be my last.”

For tWitch, listening to his longtime colleague explain her reasons for moving on (and disabusing fans of any notion that her decision stemmed from last year’s allegations of a toxic work environment) was pretty inspiring. 

“I was really proud of her, actually,” he shared. “Because I know that she’s been at it for 18-plus years now. And it’s not easy.” In that time, he continued, “We’ve employed thousands and thousands and thousands of people, changed a lot of lives, but that’s something to do that same thing every single day. And I’m proud of her that she’s kind of put an earmark on the closing of a saga to begin her next chapter. Because that’s huge and monumental in itself.”


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