HELENE GALWAS SS22 awakens joie de vivre with colour accents

New Faces Award winner 2020’s new capsule collection “Splash of Colour” was born from a desire for more colour, adventure and joy. The inspiration came from the anticipation of the time when we will all be able to go out, dance, meet and laugh together again. Loud outbursts of emotion that will accompany us in the near future. We will be able to celebrate life again, show, inspire, surprise and enjoy ourselves and the moment. We will all thaw out again, return from the cold and monotony and enjoy life with all its emotions and colours. Splash of Colour is an outburst of emotions – still very delicate and vulnerable, but at the same time very much in need of new experiences, full of freshness and dynamism, greedy for joy and happiness, strong and self-confident from the resilience within.

The Capsule Splash of Colour is a collection that underlines the femininity of a strong woman
and is a symbiosis between casualness, edginess and elegance, in line with the brand identity #WEARABLECOUTURE. The creations are timeless, easy to combine and very changeable, and they also impress with their high-quality workmanship and unique fabric selection. The designs are distinguished by a complex cut, devoted attention to details, sustainable implementation and are a clear statement against fast fashion.

Wide-cut blouses full of delicacy in slightly transparent dévoré designs with fine prints, to
lively colour highlights in bright pink, self-confident red colour blocking styles and the specially developed summery light pink caro or pink leo. Stability and grounding are provided by natural light base shades such as white, cream and grey. They are complemented by casually comfortable trousers inspired by harem trousers. The new uncomplicated yet stylish Basic Line completes this capsule collection to a new masterpiece.

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Women who choose Helene Galwas stand out in the fashion industry because of their
conscious approach to the issue of sustainability and thus value an intelligent and responsible investment in garments that will accompany and delight them for a lifetime.

The label “HELENE GALWAS” was founded in 2018 by Helene Galwas and Katja Popp, who
have been friends for over 12 years. The two complement each other’s skills in the industry
perfectly. Katja is responsible for the operational structure, Helene for the creative direction.
To this day, all pieces are designed in Hanover and then sewn by hand in Europe.

HELENE GALWAS designs only two capsule collections per year to counteract fast fashion.
Based on excellent craftsmanship and the highest quality, the pieces are made to last. All capsule collections succeed in breaking down seasonalities, fusing casual, business and
evening styles – and offering their customers absolute flexibility and freedom.

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