Heaven on earth is not without its sorrows | Brief letters

While I was not entirely surprised to learn that nearly three-quarters of the population of West Dunbartonshire had experienced loneliness lately, I was shocked that over half of dwellers in Eden had (3.7m over-16s in Britain often or always feel lonely, ONS finds, 7 April). On reflection, however, I recollected that Adam was 100% lonely until God did something about it!
Tim Hill
Tarporley, Cheshire

I can, from Monday, get my hair cut, my nails done, and go to the pub garden for a pint, but I’m still unable to see my GP face to face unless I am granted a rare appointment. When will GPs deign to restart face-to-face appointments? Surely the risks to us, and to them, are now no greater than for hairdressers or publicans.
Sue Robinson
Tyldesley, Greater Manchester

Please could the Guardian get into the spirit of the lockdown thaw by giving us back our two pages of readers’ letters?
Kevin Bannon

Big drums produce lower-frequency sounds than little drums – as simple physics explains. Could this solve the “mystery” of why larger gorillas make lower frequencies when pummelling their chests (Gorillas beat their chests to size each other up, researchers say, 8 April)?
Catherine Wykes
Chellaston, Derbyshire

The Church of England should not only acknowledge its “world artefacts” (Calls for full inventory of world artefacts held by Church of England, 9 April) but, as a former slave and plantation owner, all that it received from the £20m distributed to those whose slaves were freed in 1830.
Marika Sherwood
Oare, Kent

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