Heartwarming advent calendar suggests an act of kindness for every day

The calendar encourages us to look out for others (Picture: Action for Happiness)

It’s safe to say Christmas is going to be a little different this year, but one thing there are no restrictions on is kindness.

In 2020, more than ever, our good deeds can make a real difference.

And if you’re stuck for inspiration when it comes to acts of kindness over the festive season, the new December Kindness Calendar created by Action for Happiness could help you out.

The charity, which aims to build a happier and more caring society, unveiled the calendar to encourage us to ‘look beyond our differences and help each other’.

The calendar can be downloaded and printed for free, and takes the form of a traditional advent calendar – except instead of containing a gift for every day from 1-24 December, each date offers a suggestion for an act of kindness to perform.

Suggestions range from nice things you can do for your loved ones, such as ‘turn off digital devices and really listen to people’ and, ‘let someone know how much you appreciate them and why’, to acts that can help the wider community, including, ‘buy locally and support independent shops near you’ and, ‘buy an extra item and donate it to a local food bank’.

There are even suggestions that can make a difference on a global scale, such as, ‘pick up litter or do something kind for nature’ and, ‘be kind to the planet. Eat less meat and use less energy’.

And of course, Action for Happiness hasn’t forgotten the importance of self-kindness, with one of the suggestions asking us to ‘treat everyone with kindness today, including yourself!’

You can download the calendar here

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