Health benefits of a walk for ice-cream

Having cared for my husband, who has dementia, for the past three years, I found music calming (Alzheimer’s patients and hospital staff prescribed music in NHS trial, 5 May), but to fill a day it was essential to get out. Latterly, it took an afternoon to get out to buy an ice-cream, but it was so rewarding as he was not anxious – he was focusing on walking, with the help of his wheelchair, to get his ice-cream. Exercise and fresh air kept him fit, and me sane.
Catherine Dunn
St Andrews, Fife

Ethnic Italians in the UK may have been classified as “enemy aliens” in wartime (Letters, 10 May), but I still have the “alien registration document” that my father, also fully documented as a resistance fighter in the siege of Warsaw, had to carry in this country until 1960, obliging him to register and have it stamped at the nearest police station wherever he lived.
Mark Lewinski
Swaffham Prior, Cambridgeshire

The obituary for Patricia Brown (2 May) demonstrates what is well understood by almost everybody, except those in government – that a training in Stem subjects is not the only way to contribute to the information technology sector.
Prof Norman Gowar

Re a new name for Labour (Letters, 11 May), would a more inclusive name for a leftwing party be the People’s Party?
Anthony Baker
Folkestone, Kent

All this pedantry over cooling towers (Letters, 10 May) strikes me as a lot of hot air.
Gary Bennett

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