Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron Reveal How Their Shared "Trauma" Finally Brought Them Back Together

It was for this reason that Tyler says he invited her back to quarantine with him and a group of friends, which would later become known as the “Quarantine Crew.”

But, like most Americans, Tyler reveals that he thought the shut down would only last a “few days,” during which they could “see what it is” between them. 

However, he says that he didn’t want anything to happen, because he was in a “bad place.”

“I made a rule. I’m not hooking up, I’m not doing nothing because I don’t want you to go away, and I go away and then we’re like ‘Oh I don’t feel that’ and we’re upset again at each other,” he explains. “We got upset with each other anyways.”

And, at first, it was a positive thing for the both of them. He says, “You were able to bring light to a really dark time. It was needed.”


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