Hancock's neighbours not impressed as he tells Brits to 'snitch' on each other

Neighbours of Health Secretary Matt Hancock have attacked his latest bid to contain coronavirus by asking people to “snitch”.

While Hancock has urged people to report any rule-breakers, most people living near his London home want a clear, simple policy from the Government.

Barbara Sutherland, 74, a retired PA, said: “All they do is send out confusing messages. I wouldn’t snitch on my neighbour. We’ve got to live together after all.”

David Tepper, 41, who works at an investment bank, said: “I would never phone the police on my neighbours. The Government didn’t handle this well early on and had no clear plan. They’re panicking now.”

Ahmed Ali says he’d talk to his neighbours before dobbing them in

David Tepper says the government has no clean plan

Ahmed Ali, 40, a marketing manager, said: “I don’t think I would call the police straight away.

“I would speak to the people concerned and take things from there.”

Conor Kelly, 72, a retired photographer, said: “I wouldn’t go to the authorities at first.

“But I would definitely confront the people breaking the rules. People just are not adhering to the rules properly.”

Barbara Sutherland Also says she’d won’t be snitching on her neighbours

Paul Biju-Duval, 35, a structural engineer who has been on furlough, said: “If it was say seven people then I would not snitch on them. But if there was 100 of course I would.”

Victoria Mathers, 24, a student, said: “A £10,000 fine for breaking self-isolation is a lot but it has to be a strong penalty otherwise people will ignore it.”

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