Halo Infinite launch celebrated with… a painting at the Saatchi Gallery

Halo Infinite is a real work of art (pic: Microsoft)

After over a year of delays Halo Infinite is finally released to the world, and Microsoft wants to make sure everyone knows about it.

It’s been a long journey for the game but Halo Infinite is not only out but has already proven a critical success. The multiplayer mode was released as a free download a few weeks ago but today sees the launch of the whole package, including the story campaign.

The game’s available as a sperate purchase and as a Game Pass download, but if you need further convincing that it’s worth playing you could always… take a trip to the Saatchi Gallery?

Microsoft has commissioned artist Iva Troj to create a giant 3m by 6m portrait of Master Chief and his allies fighting The Banished on Zeta Halo.

There’ll also be a choir signing the Halo theme tune, to give it that extra flavour, or if you happen to be in France there’s a smaller replica at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

If none of that appeals the Microsoft Experience Centre at Oxford Circus has a full-scale Warthog simulator you can have a go on, from 12pm today.

It’s also projecting an image of a Warthog being airdropped on the building façade outside, so that everyone passing by knows that Halo is out today.

These sort of public marketing events were commonplace before the pandemic but there’s obviously not been much point in doing them up till now.

Whether it’s going to change anyone’s mind about whether they want to play Halo Infinite or not is up for debate, but at least it’s a sign that things are slowly turning back to normal.

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