Hairdresser says it's not about how often you wash hair but what you wash it in

Lisa Shepherd has been worked her way up in the hair industry, winning numerous awards, appearing on TV as the colourist on 10 Year’s Younger and creating her own line of products, known as The Hair Boss.

So it’s fair to say that when it comes to hair care, Lisa knows a thing or two.

Speaking exclusively to The Mirror, she recently revealed her thoughts on hair washing and why she controversially doesn’t believe you can over-wash your hair.

She explained that she’s met many customers that have been terrified of washing their hair too often, thinking that it will make the hair greasier, or given them a dry, itchy scalp.

“The perception is that if you over-wash the scalp, it sends signals to produce more sebum, but I disagree,” she said.

“It’s really all about what you are washing it with.”

Lisa goes on to say that another important factor to consider as well as the products you are using, is the water temperature – as it’s crucial not to get it too hot or too cold.

She explains: “You want to opt for warm water, so that it cleans well.

“Warm water makes it easier for your shampoo to remove the oil, dirt and dust that accumulate to make the scalp dirty, but you don’t want the water too hot.

“Water that is too hot can irritate and even damage your scalp.”

And while she may not believe in washing your hair too much being bad for your scalp, she does point out that it’s not always a good idea for those with coloured hair.

“I do agree that over-washing can be linked to colour-fade,” she tells us.

“Colour clients are always advised to leave their hair 24/48 hrs following a colour service BUT then choose your aftercare wisely!

“It’s super important to always have a colour maintenance product at home to top up or re-correct the tone.

“Following any colour service especially bleaching/balayage/highlighting you should opt for products that immediately take care of the moisture and protein levels within the hair e.g. The Hair Boss Overworked Shampoo followed by The Hair Boss Double Mask is the maximum reparative combo; however, you wouldn’t need to use this all the time.”

She adds: “Once the colour has settled and starts to grow out then you would change up your routine and opt for a lighter more cleansing type of shampoo to keep the colour light, fresh and clean followed by a lighter weighted conditioner.

“Even though we are talking a lot about coloured hair here, natural un-coloured ‘virgin’ hair works in the same way. What suits your hair one day (or month) may not suit it the next, so it’s about getting hair savvy and thinking of your hair regime more like your skincare.

“Don’t be afraid to flit between varying shampoo and conditioning choices BUT over and above all, we must take care of our scalp!

“Overactive sebaceous glands are usually a health issue or something going on inside the body, so I always fully assess what’s going on! Most people are totally unaware that the first place to start correcting and paying attention to is the scalp – healthy scalp, healthy hair!”

Lisa’s final tip is to invest in a scalp scrub, such as the one her company makes and use it around once or twice a month (more so if you’re a dry shampoo user) to really keep your scalp healthy.

“If people saw the ‘YUK’ on their scalp they would never not use a scalp-scrub again.”

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