Haircare expert says leaving your hair to air-dry is actually damaging it more

Everyone wants to keep their hair looking salon-fresh for as long as possible, and with so many tips and tricks promising the secret to long and shiny hair, it can be tough to know which advice to follow.

But thanks to haircare expert Nicole Petty from Milk + Blush, we can finally separate fact from fiction and start properly looking after our tresses.

Nicole busted eight of the most popular haircare myths, from cures for split ends to quick fixes for hair growth.

Myth: Air-drying hair is better than blow-drying

Nicole said: “It turns out that air-drying your hair can actually be more damaging than a quick blow-dry.

A woman running her fingers through her wet hair
Nicole says air-drying your hair could lead to “permanent damage”

“This is because hair is weakest when wet and the weight of water in the hair can cause it to stretch. This could even lead to permanent damage to the hair follicles.

“To save your hair’s health, it’s best to reduce the amount of time hair stays wet by quickly blow-drying hair on a low heat setting with a heat-protective spray.”

Myth: Cutting hair makes it grow quicker

The haircare guru also said that cutting your hair won’t make it grow faster, and neither will taking vitamin supplements.

She added: “While cutting hair won’t magically inspire your roots to produce more hair, regularly trimming hair and removing dry split-ends will prevent breakage which will give the appearance of your hair growing quicker.

Myth: Vitamin supplements promote hair growth

Nicole explained: “Unless you have an existing nutrient deficiency, hair vitamins and supplements will do little (if anything) to help the condition of your hair, and they certainly won’t make your hair grow faster.

“Unfortunately, hair length is largely down to genetics. But you can help promote healthy hair growth by eating a nutritious diet and making sure your hair care routine is on point.”

Myth: Split ends can be fixed

Other myths busted by the expert included the idea that your hair gets used to shampoo, and that fine and greasy hair doesn’t need oil.

And when addressing the claim that split ends can be fixed, Nicole said: “Unfortunately, this is not true – once hair has split, there’s no way to heal that rift.

“To prevent hair from continuing to split along the hair shaft and dealing with further severe breakage, the only option is to cut off all split ends.

“This is why you should regularly trim your ends to keep your hair healthy.”


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