Hair loss treatment: 90p vegetable juice to avoid alopecia symptoms

Hair loss is usually nothing to worry about, and it’s completely normal. In fact, you could even lose up to 100 hairs each day without even knowing about it. But there are some treatments available to lower your risk of hair loss or alopecia.

Losing your hair could be caused by a number of different conditions, said the NHS.

Stress, weight loss, or even an iron deficiency can lead to some form of hair loss.

Most hair loss doesn’t need any treatment, and is only temporary.

But, using an onion juice treatment could help to protect against losing your hair.

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“Onion juice is a known remedy for hair health, specifically for hair loss,” she wrote for medical website Healthline. “It’s been used for decades as a home treatment.

“Applying onion juice to the hair and scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles, which in turn improves hair growth.

“Onion juice shouldn’t be considered a cure for hair loss conditions like alopecia or pattern baldness.

“It can help stimulate and protect growth of current hair, but it’s not known to reverse any hair loss-related illness.”


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