H1Z1's upcoming free expansion adds a new 50 player FFA Deathmatch mode

Free-to-play PlayStation 4 battle royale game H1Z1 gains a 50-player free-for-all Deathmatch mode this month.

Launching 21st February as part of a free ‘Beyond Royale’ expansion pack, H1Z1 Season 3 also adds a new Training Grounds map for players old and new to hone their skills, plus a new 100 tier Battle Pass.

Just below these words you can watch a video of a full 15-minute FFA Deathmatch to give you an idea of what to expect when the mode launches.

Producer Paul Matthys told Eurogamer matches are timed at 15 minutes, and see 50 players drop into a tight combat zone fully kitted up, with instant respawn and a 25-kill win condition.

“Broadly speaking, we see FFA as our first opportunity this season to experiment with fun, fast-paced game modes that offer our players new gameplay types outside the traditional core battle royale modes H1Z1 is known for,” Matthys said.

As for the new 100 tier Battle Pass, season 3 introduces more than 200 new items into the game, including new weapons and vehicle skins, new emotes, and nine full outfits.

Looking ahead, Matthys confirmed a new map is under development, but the focus with season 3 is to “expand beyond battle royale” with the aforementioned FFA Deathmatch, ranked leaderboards and the Training Grounds.

According to Daybreak, H1Z1 is doing well on PS4. It was the second most downloaded F2P game on the console in 2018 and has been one of the top five most-downloaded F2P games on the PlayStation Store every month since it launched in August last year. It was number four among F2P games in January 2019.


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