Gucci mocks designer knockoffs with new ‘Not/Fake’ collection

Gucci’s got a new collection (Picture: Gucci)

We’ve all seen knockoff ‘Guci’ and ‘Calvin Klains’ at one point or another.

Now, poking fun at the counterfeits, Gucci has released a collection emblazoned with the words ‘not’ and ‘fake’.

The luxury fashion house is releasing a line of jumpers, bags, shoes, and bags with the words splashed across every item.

Though the Italian retailer makes a nod towards counterfeits, the price is, of course, nothing like knockoffs.

While the cheapest item on the collection will cost you £295, on the pricier end of the scale is a backpack that will set you back £1,460.

The cardholder, decorated with the same design, is the more affordable option.

A nylon cape will cost shoppers £610 while the sweatshirt will set people back £690. Each item on the list has the word ‘fake’ at the front and ‘not’ at the back.

The most expensive item on the list (Picture: Gucci)

Gucci’s new line features its signature style, with added bicolour stripes first seen on the brand in the 80s, a time when knockoffs started emerging.

Gucci states on its website: ‘An ironic homage to the institutional code of the brand: The logo.

‘The narrative began with a print inspired by a retro appropriation of the Gucci logo featuring the bicolour stripe.

This could be yours for £610 (Picture: Gucci)
£610 to tell people your clothes aren’t fake (Picture: Gucci)

‘Entering a new chapter, the green and red design mixes with Fake/Not – a playful commentary on the idea of imitation.’

It’s not the first time Gucci has gone meta and mocked illegal remakes.

In 2017, the label added ‘Guccy’ to some of its items, imitating the often misspelled names you see on knockoffs.

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