Groupon angers customers over ‘horrendous sexist’ advert selling spray mops ‘for women’

SHOPPERS have hit out at voucher and discount website Groupon for advertising a mop “for women”.

The mop, which comes in five different colours including purple, green and blue, is listed for £8.99 and comes with a spray bottle attached to it.

Groupon has a shopping link on Google which is advertising a mop for women


Groupon has a shopping link on Google which is advertising a mop for womenCredit: The Sun

On Google, an advert for the mop is listed as “Women’s spray mop with microfibre pads” but when you click the link on Groupon’s website, it reads as “Spray mop with two microfibre pads.”

One woman found the mop when Googling “spray mop Groupon” and posted about it on Twitter after making the discovery.

Her tweet sparked dozens of responses, with shoppers branding the advert as “terrible” and “dreadful”, while her tweet received hundreds of likes.

One man wrote: “Oh my god this is so bad!” while another man said: “That’s terrible!”

A different man branded it as “horrendous” while others responded in a more tongue in cheek way.

One said: “Nope too late, men can no longer mop and I for one will use the precedent to prove I’m no longer allowed to mop.

“I’ll miss it but there you go.”

On Groupon's website however, the mop isn't directed at any gender


On Groupon’s website however, the mop isn’t directed at any genderCredit: The Sun

Several women were also left furious with the way the advert was phrased.

One said: “I had to do a double take! Are they for real?” while another added: “That is totally ludicrous!”

Speaking to The Sun, the shopper, who asked not to be named, said she was surprised by the listing.

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She said: “I found it on Google when I searched ‘Groupon spray mop’ – I then went into the shopping part which is where I saw it.

“I was just a bit surprised really that they find it is acceptable to put that.”

Groupon has yet to respond to her tweet.

As the advert is listed as a link for Groupon on Google’s search engine, The Sun has approached both Groupon and Google for comment about the mop.

Earlier this year, detergent brand Fairy came under fire after only asking women their thoughts in a poll about washing.

In a survey of 3,000-plus about the best laundry product for sensitive skin, makers P&G did not ask one bloke their thoughts on it.

Scott Popham, P&G communications director, said at the time: “In this survey, we agree there is room for improvement.”

Meanwhile in 2018, travel firm Tui gave “Future Tui captain” stickers to boys but “Future Tui cabin crew” ones to girls.

Last year, The Sun pulled together a list of some of the most outrageous adverts over the decade.

And adverts which enforce gender stereotypes are now banned.

Meanwhile, law firm bosses previously came under fire after hailing their new receptionist and branding her as ‘beautiful’.

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