Green Party's new leaders say they could one day be in government

Green Party co-leaders Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay said politics is at a ‘crossroads’ where voters are ‘tired of choosing a least-worst option’ at their conference in Birmingham

Green Party co-leaders have said they could soon be in Government as British politics is reaching its “tipping point”.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay, who won the party’s leadership campaign just two weeks ago, said they don’t need to steal Labour votes as people from across the political spectrum are turning Green.

Speaking ahead of their first Green Party in-person conference, Ms Denyer said: “And while it might seem like renting a government in England, and Wales is a long way away, just like the climate has tipping points, so politics can have tipping points.

“And I think we might be coming up to one now with a lot of voters, and very disillusioned with the feed old sort of tired parties that haven’t really learned any new tricks lately, where we’re finding that we’re picking up votes from from people with very different backgrounds and very different parts of the country.”

Mr Ramsay, who grew up in Norwich, said his own “modest” up-bringing enables him to connect with people from all sides of the political spectrum.

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay replaced Jonathan Bartley and Sian Berry as the Green Party Leaders



“We weren’t poor but we certainly weren’t rich either. So I understand different political perspectives that people have.

“My family would’ve been Conservative voters from modest backgrounds.

“Most of my friends and people I met in university were labour voters, and that’s where a lot of our voters have come from.”

Describing her middle-class upbringing, Ms Ramsay admitted she didn’t know her parent’s political stance but insisted her “strong principles” led her to the party and help unite the party.

“I was part way through my engineering degree when I had a kind of epiphany about really quite how bad climate change is. Over the summer holidays it really hit me like a train.”

After that summer Ms Ramsay felt she had a duty to begin campaigning for the environment, social justice and human rights.

It comes as the party said every UK household should get £320 this winter funded by landlords to help fund soaring fuel bills, at their conference.

The co-leaders demanded a bumped-up, one-off Winter Fuel Payment to be extended to every household in the country this year.

It would come on top of the existing Winter Fuel Payment for pensioners and certain benefit claimants, worth between £100 and £300.

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