Great white is spitting image of beast from shark thriller JAWS as it bears razor-sharp teeth while soaring to surface

A GREAT White has been captured mimicking the legendary Jaws poster as it bore its razor-sharp teeth while soaring to the surface.

The terrifying picture shows the 13-foot-long beast – known as Nicole – swimming up to the surface in a pose that mimics the iconic 1975 movie poster.

Jaws look-a-like Nicole mimicking the Jaws film poster


Jaws look-a-like Nicole mimicking the Jaws film posterCredit: mediadrumimages/NikkiBrantSevy
The 1975 motion picture poster of Jaws


The 1975 motion picture poster of JawsCredit: Rex

Another of the snaps shows a young great white shark called Bergvall, who is about 11-feet-long, twisted around to face the camera, almost grinning at the photographer.

The pictures were taken from just six feet away by the co-founder of Be A Shark Adventure Travel, Nikki Brant Sevy, 51, at Guadeloupe Island in Mexico.

“Guadalupe Island has over four-hundred individually identified white sharks, and I’ve been lucky enough to photograph over two-hundred of them,” said Nikki.

“When sharks are serious about getting a hang bait they often make a fast vertical approach from the depths.

“I saw Nicole approaching from below and was able to visually track her as she instigated her approach.

“She rose up directly in front of me and I knew I had the chance at a Jaws movie poster shot.

“There were a lot of mackerel around that day, and I was worried they ruined the photo by getting between me and Nicole, or that they pulled focus from her.

“Checking your photos underwater is difficult, though, so I crossed my fingers and went back to photographing Nicole for another hour.

“It wasn’t until the trip was over that I downloaded my images and realized I got the shot.”

She added that she hopes people see a different side of sharks when they see the pictures of Bergvall, who is known for being good-natured.

“Bergvall looks like he’s smiling all the time, so I try to focus on him when he’s around the cages,” she said.

“In this series Bergvall was trying to decide if he should get a bite of tuna by chasing the hang bait, or swim past the cages again to check out the divers.

“He’s young and he’s curious, so naturally he wanted to do both things at once.

“With his goofy grin, Bergvall gave me the chance to share a different view of “white sharks than what you usually see on TV or in the movies.”

It comes after a researcher spotted a shark that was still hunting its prey despite being “half-eaten”.

The scientist, who was releasing an oceanic black tip shark into the sea, was stunned as he saw the injured beast mauled in a cannibalistic attack.

Dr Mario Lebrato, 35, from Spain, said he captured the incredibly rare footage off the shore of Mozambique.

As he and his group released the shark, a different group of predators set upon it, inflicting a series of fatal injuries.

According to the researcher they included several bull sharks – some of which weigh a whopping 300- 400 kilograms.

And despite the onslaught and a large portion of its lower body missing, the shark continued to fight for its life as it was seen swimming away.

Dr Lebrato explained that the shark had struggled for around 20 minutes before prevailing to its injuries.

11-foot-long Bergvall grinning at the camera


11-foot-long Bergvall grinning at the cameraCredit: mediadrumimages/NikkiBrantSevy
Co-founder of Be A Shark Adventure Travel, Nikki Brant Sevy, 51 took the stunning photos


Co-founder of Be A Shark Adventure Travel, Nikki Brant Sevy, 51 took the stunning photosCredit: mediadrumimages/NikkiBrantSevy
Zombie shark still hunting for prey despite being ‘half eaten’ during savage battle in jaw-dropping clip

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