Great British Bake Off's Kim-Joy Breaks Down in Tears After "Being Bullied" By Fitness Instructor

All the endorphins in the world couldn’t make this a happy experience.

Great British Bake Off star Kim-Joy Hewlett is speaking out about a negative experience she had in a recent fitness class. The cookbook author, who released Baking With Kim-Joy in 2019, took to Instagram on May 27 to share a photo of herself sitting in her car, crying. She wrote, “It’s okay to say NO and walk away to protect your own mental health. See my stories today for details – but in summary, I walked out of an exercise class today due to a bullying instructor, and I feel good about it. I cried afterwards in the car but this is mostly angry cries, as well as disappointed cries cause WHY are people like this?!, and most importantly happy cries because I stood up for myself. I walked out, and I called him out on his behaviour.”

The baker continued, “Whereas the old me would’ve been afraid of the confrontation, and just stayed and accepted being bullied, but I know now that I have self worth and I’m not sticking around to be treated like that. It’s good to have boundaries, and it’s good to say no to toxic people and situations. I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t!!!”


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