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Compact cars, rally cars, concept cars and even a Formula 1 car: the fleet of cars in the racing simulation Gran Turismo 7 is gigantic with 420 vehicles. Some of them are particularly agile, others are timeless classics and still others are particularly fast. We present the 10 fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7.


The 10 fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7

Two Red Bull X2014s fly through the Red Bull Ring starting line

© Polyphony Digital/Sony

In our top 10, we present the fastest cars in GT7 in detail. You can unlock all the cars with a little time and the necessary credits in the game’s career mode.

10th place: Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’13

  • Power: 735 kW

  • Price: 2 Million Credits

735 kW of engine power gives the Bugatti Veyron a 10th place.

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

When it comes to the sheer performance of a Street-Legal Hyper Sports car, the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ’13 is always right up there. This is also true for Gran Turismo 7, in which the Frenchman ranks 10th among the fastest cars in the game. Almost 8,000 cc Displacement, All-Wheel drive and easy Tuning Options make the Veyron quite interesting for High-Speed races that require a Vehicle from the road car Category. The Price, however, is steep.

The Verstappen season: Max Verstappen is the reigning F1 World Champion 2021. Our documentary ‘MAXimum Verstappen‘ sums up the season and successes of the flying Dutchman.

9th place: Jaguar VGT Coupé

  • Power: 749 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

The VGT Coupé is powered by an electric motor

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Vision GT concept car from the British company is the ninth fastest car in Gran Turismo 7. 749 kW of power catapult the electric car to the front. However, with a weight of 1,400 kg, the big cat with all-wheel drive is anything but light, but top speed is guaranteed.

The Jaguar VGT Coupé is available in GT7’s Brand Central directly from the manufacturer. The Coupé costs one million credits.

8th place: Dodge SRT Tomahawk S VGT

  • Power: 750 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

S VGT is the first Dodge on our list

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Slightly more powerful and just as expensive is the Vision GT concept car Dodge SRT Tomahawk S VGT, which you can buy at the manufacturer’s Brand Central. The LP value of 916.17 already reveals that the Dodge is significantly faster than our 9th place, thanks to the powerful naturally aspirated engine with 7,000 cm³ displacement and the low weight of just 921 kg.

7th place: Ferrari FXX K ’14

The most powerful Ferrari in Gran Turismo 7 has an engine power of 771 kW

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

With a hefty price tag of 3.6 million credits, the Ferrari FXX K ’14 is one of the most expensive cars in Gran Turismo 7, but also one of the fastest. In order to be able to afford the Italian racehorse at all, you will have to play for several hours.

  • Power: 819 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

Porsche VGT from Germany

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The futuristic concept car Porsche VGT celebrates its debut in Gran Turismo 7 and can set exciting accents. Like the Jaguar in 9th place, the Porsche model also relies on an electric drive, but has more power and less weight. In addition, the VGT is absolutely fantastic to drive.

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  • Power: 845 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

Faster and lighter supercar: the McLaren VGT

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The same applies to the McLaren VGT Vision GT concept car from Great Britain. Anyone who has played Gran Turismo Sport will have fond memories of the VGT, because the mid-engined sports car with F1 technology, which weighs only 900 kg, cuts a very good figure on the track. And it looks stylish, too.

4th place: Dodge SRT Tomahawk GTS-R VGT

  • Power: 1.081 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

No, the GTS-R VGT is not the fastest Dodge in GT7 either…

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

With fourth place among the fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7, we move into realms beyond the 1,000-kW mark. The 1,081 kW of the US concept car is equivalent to around 1,470 hp. Thanks to a weight of only 663 kg, the “hatchet” shoots forward like hardly any other car in the game.

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Rewinside meets Red Bull Driftbrothers

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  • Power: 1.212 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

Bugatti’s VGT even makes the Veyron look old

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The Bugatti Veyron in 10th place among the fastest cars in Gran Turismo 7 looks like a lame duck compared to this Vision GT racer. After all, the VGT is a whole 488 kg lighter than the road version and at the same time has 477 kW of additional power. For one million credits, you can acquire the four-wheel drive car from the Bugatti dealer in Brand Central.

  • Power: 1.399 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

The fastest electric car in Gran Turismo 7: Jaguar VGT SV

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Second place goes to the Jaguar VGT SV, which is the fastest electric car in Gran Turismo 7. The British cat of prey comes with 1,399 kW of power, which is equivalent to almost 1,900 hp. The futuristic design is hardly different from the other Jaguar VGT models, but the power is even more so. Equipped with a DRS system, the all-wheel drive reaches around 480 km/h on the straight.

1st place: Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT

  • Power: 1.929 kW

  • Price: 1 Million Credits

The fastest car in Gran Turismo 7: Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

The fastest car in Gran Turismo 7 is the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT and by far. The ultimate vision of the US concept car has an incredible 1,929 kW or the equivalent of 2,623 hp. At the same time, the all-wheel-drive vehicle has a maximum torque of 1,217.14 Newton metres.

Thanks to its low weight of only 749 kg, the acceleration and top speed of the futuristic racing car are beyond reproach. Nevertheless, the X VGT handles absolutely fantastically – at least once you have got used to the absurd speeds beyond the 600 km/h mark.


Gran Turismo 7 Trophy Guide: Tempo King/Tempo Emperor

For the PlayStation trophies Tempo King and Tempo Emperor, you have to reach a speed of 500 km/h and 600 km/h respectively in Gran Turismo 7. Both are only possible with the fastest car in the game, the Dodge SRT Tomahawk X VGT.

To secure the trophies, navigate to “World Tracks” on the GT7 world map and select the track “Special Stage Route X” in the “America” section. It has the longest straights that the game has to offer.

To get the Tempokaiser trophy in GT7 you need to reach 600km/h

© Sony Interactive Entertainment

Start a timed race there in the X VGT and just go full throttle on the over ten kilometre long straight. Then hold down the R3 button to activate the nitrous oxide system or the turbo, which gives you an additional speed boost. The Tempokaiser trophy and a speed of around 630 km/h are no problem.


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