Government steels itself for further scrutiny of Gladys Liu – politics live

Welcome to the fourth last joint sitting week for the year.

We start this week as we finished last week, with the government still working on getting Senate crossbench support for its welfare and union bills, and people still talking about Gladys Liu.

At the weekend Scott Morrison was forced to “clarify” his use of the name “Shanghai Sam” after he first denied using it in relation to Sam Dastyari, but, faced with video evidence from his own Facebook page, then said he had misheard the question.

Except this was his response:

I didn’t use either of those phrases, so … I think people here today are focused on the fires, not Canberra.

I am not sure how you can say you didn’t hear something when you use “I didn’t use either of those phrases” in the answer, but I guess that’s just more Canberra bubble shiz.

So the “nothing to see here, keep it moving” train continues with Liu.

Meanwhile, the government has decided now is the time to bring back its “big stick” energy legislation, which (after warnings, and then if the federal court says so) would allow energy companies to be forcibly broken up.

That means we get more Angus Taylor – the emissions reduction minister has been on ABC and on Sky this morning and continues to present information like the second speaker in a high school debate. Improvisation is not his strong suit.

The ACCC is to release its first update since the July 1 Energy Retail Code came into effect, which will report that hundreds of thousands of Australians have received savings of up to $190 under the changes. Before it came into effect, Taylor had promised savings of up to $800. But, just like internet dating, reality rarely lives up to the sell.

We’ll have all of that and more this morning, with Mike Bowers helping to bring you all the expressions and body language, with Katharine Murphy, Sarah Martin and Paul Karp to help break down what it all means.

I have found a coffee. So let’s get into it.


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