Gordon Ramsay announces arthritis diagnosis as doctors tell him to pace himself

Scots celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has revealed he has been diagnosed with arthritis and only made the discovery after falling while out a run.

Doctors confirmed to the 54-year-old that he had the condition in his knee and even told him that he should ‘pace himself’ despite having a busy work schedule.

The fitness fanatic makes sure he works out two-hours-a-day, on top of a 12-hour work day.

He says he uses exercise to relieve stress from his high pace job.

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay works out two hours a day

Speaking to The Sun, the TV chef said: “I’ve just come off two weeks on crutches as I had meniscus surgery. I did it running up the hill in Richmond Park, bolting up it. It was f*****g painful.

“And when I got the X-rays back, the doctor said, ‘You’ve got arthritis in your knee’. I’d never heard that word in relation to me before.

“He told me I needed to start slowing down. It was a case of ‘Imagine you’ve got 1.5million steps to run over the next 30 years . . . pace yourself’.”

Gordon added that working out is his “release”, but that he also has a “stern warning of my father dying at 53 (from a heart attack) and I look at my kids and know I can’t leave them rudderless.”

“I am slightly scared of stopping but do know I will have to slow down at some stage,” he added.

Meanwhile, he’s set to return to our screens with Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, a primetime BBC quiz show.

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Players can win up to £100,000 by answering questions against the clock to earn the chance to ­balance bars across a precarious pyramid structure.

And in classic Ramsay style, the famous cook lets slip an F-bomb just 45 seconds into the first episode.

Asked how frequently he swears on an average day, Gordon laughed: “Around 150.

“But there is an art in telling someone to f off, and the amount I swear depends on how much dog s**t gets picked up on the Common.

“The BBC has been very supportive, though, and told me that if a naughty little f*** slips out, so be it.”

Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance airs tonight at 9pm on BBC One.


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