Gordon Ramsay admits chef's recipe for grilled cheese looks better than his own

Gordon Ramsay has admitted that a chef’s recipe for grilled cheese looked better than his own and took her criticism on the chin.

The Scots born chef, who normally berates others for their cooking attempts on TikTok, appeared to eat humble pie after fan @dishedit criticised his grilled cheese sandwich creation.

In the TikTok video, she showed off her appetising creation saying: “Hey Gordon Ramsay this is what melted cheese on a grilled toast looks like, not whatever you call it.”

She then compares it to Gordon’s former effort which used asiago and romano cheese, not known for melting and Gordon admits: “Yeah looks good”

She then says: “Instead of cooking mine on a super hot pan over an open flame and burning my bread I cooked mine over a medium heat.”

And Gordon tries to excuse himself saying: “Now hold on a minute girl. I was in Tasmania. They don’t have grills in Tasmania.”

“Maybe I didn’t put it in the pan long enough. I was in a rush.

“So you’re going to show me how to make the perfect grilled cheese. Let’s go. Good nice.”

The Tiktoker continued: “Now in my opinion Gordon cut his bread too thick so I cut my bread a bit thinner.

And Gordon laughed: “Now you’re complaining about my bread being too thick.

“That’s all we had in Tasmania – thick slices of bread.”

After the TikToker said Kimchi, which Gordon used, overpowered the taste, he protested: “Oh come on. You don’t like the Kimchi either? Go on. What did you do?”

When she said she spent ten minutes cooking each side, Gordon replied: “Of course you did. Ten minutes. Girl I didn’t have ten minutes each side. That’s twenty minutes for grilled cheese.”

Gordon admits the grilled cheese sandwich from @dishedit on TikTok looks good

She ended by telling him: “Just call me next time you want grilled cheese.”

And Gordon conceded: “Tell you what it looks good.”

Fans loved the banter and one said: “He got called out and was still a good sport about it.”

Another laughed: “Ramsay with the EXCUSES lol.”

And a third remarked: “I love how the Chef himself got called out on this and jokingly tried to defend himself, he knows she won the cook off there haha.”

A fourth commented: “Imagine getting praise from Gordon Ramsay. You could use that high for the rest of your life.”


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