Google maps image shows ‘rude message’ mowed into lawn pointing at neighbours house leaving internet uses in stitches

A GOOGLE Maps user spotted an angry neighbour’s message etched into the lawn.

In the West Valley City suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah, one upset neighbour managed to etch the world “bitch” spelt out in capital letters and pointing towards a house.

The lawn etching spelt "bitch" pointing at a house


The lawn etching spelt “bitch” pointing at a houseCredit: Google Maps

A sharp-eyed reddit user captioned the photo: “I don’t think the neighbours get along very well”.

Reddits were left sniggering at the disgruntled etching.

Another commented: “Lmao,” while another said “epic find”.

Meanwhile in Manchester, another Google Maps user found a spooky “phantom building” that doesn’t appear in real life, hovering in Manchester.

Twitter user @iiboharz reported the phenomena, which appeared on Google Maps next to Manchester Magistrates Court.

Replies to Kimberley’s tweet included some odd suggestions – including the idea that it was an “additional reality intersection” and that the glitch showed a “ghost hotel”.

One prankster claimed the building was in fact real.

“Speak for yourself i live there,” said @revengehog.

The original tweeter seemed to still be perplexed about the situation some hours later, having followed up with another tweet saying: “I still genuinely don’t know where these phantom buildings came from or where their textures are coming from”.

More spotted from eagle-eyed web whizzes on Google Maps includes imagine from dustbins full of bodies to an  “alien invasion”.

A binful of bodies was captured on a street in Chile – in what appears to be a makeshift grave for mummies.

Don’t worry, they’re not human corpses. It appears a shopkeeper has been clearing out some old shop mannequins.

Back in 2014, Google Maps appeared to capture a murder in Leith.

The police were alerted, and traced the so-called killer to a mechanics’ car repair shop in the same street.

It turns out that the scene was just a sick prank pulled by workers when they saw the camera car approaching.

Also, an American bar manager was left red-faced when he was captured on Google Maps seemingly just minutes after wetting himself.

But Joshua Justice, who works at Houston’s Flying Saucer Drought, said he was changing a barrel of beer when it fizzed up and sprayed all over him.

Embarrassing moment man falls backwards down a flight of stars is incredibly caught on Google Maps


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