'Good riddance!' Bercow humiliated as readers rage he should have gone years ago – poll

Mr Bercow announced to a packed House of Parliament on Monday he would step down from his role after 10 years at the close of business on October 31 if an early general election doesn’t take place before then. That motion from Boris Johnson fell significantly short of the two-thirds majority of 434 the Prime Minister needed from the House. When he steps down, Mr Bercow will also not contest the parliamentary seat in his home constituency of Buckingham – which he has held since May 1997.

Parliament was immediately prorogued for five weeks, meaning any snap general election will now not take place until November at the earliest.

But Mr Bercow’s decision to step down has delighted and infuriated Express.co.uk in equal measure, with many of you repeating the response from Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage of ‘good riddance’ when news broke of his decision to resign.

The latest Express.co.uk poll, running from 9.30pm on Monday September 9 until 7pm on Tuesday September 10, asked: “Are you happy John Bercow will quit as Commons Speaker?”

Support for Mr Bercow’s departure was huge, with a massive 89.7 percent (25,174 of 28,071 readers polled) raging “he should have gone years ago”.

john bercow resign

John Bercow news: The departing House of Commons Speaker has been savaged by Express.co.uk readers (Image: GETTY)

john bercow

John Bercow news: The Speaker made an emotional speech when announcing his departure plans (Image: GETTY)

Just 9.6 percent (2,708 readers) believed “he was doing a good job”, with the remaining 0.7 percent (189 readers) opting for the “don’t know” option.

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Express.co.uk readers launched brutal attacks against Mr Bercow, accusing him of an abuse of power to “advance his own personal political bias”.

One reader said: “Good riddance to probably the most hated House Speaker we’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.”

Another reader commented: “There doesn’t appear to be an option for ‘ecstatic’.

“He abused his office shamelessly to advance his own personal political bias and seems to expect to be applauded for it.

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“Good riddance and don’t ever expect to make it to the Lords.”

A third reader said: “I can only echo Nigel Farage’s comment of ‘good riddance’.

“He has probably been the worst, most partisan speaker in living memory.”

Many also believe he should have in fact been sacked years ago, branding him the “most hated” Speaker of the House of Commons there has ever been.

One reader said: “Yes, more than happy, but he should have been removed from office years ago for his blatant EU Remain position on Brexit.”

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john bercow

John Bercow news: The departing Speaker has been in the role for more than a decade (Image: REUTERS)

john bercow house of commons

John Brcow news: The opposition benches stood to applaud the Speaker after 10 years in the role (Image: GETTY)

A second reader wrote: “Good riddance to probably the most hated House Speaker we’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter.”

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Some Express.co.uk readers even called for the House of Commons Speaker role to be overhauled, with rules changed to stop another Speaker “doing so much damage”.

One said: “He should have been thrown out before he was able to do so much damage.

“Rules need to be changed to prevent the same thing happening again.

A second reader wrote: “The little man has caused appalling damage to the once highly-regarded high office of Speaker.

“His chair needs fumigating and disinfecting before the next incumbent is dragged there.”

brexit flow chart

Brexit: What happens next? (Image: EXPRESS)

A third person said: Another reader added: “A biased and scurrilous speaker as there ever was!

“The whole political system must be overhauled, especially the Speakers role!”

Since taking the Speaker’s chair on June 22, 2009, Mr Bercow has been a major thorn in the Government’s side and been at the centre of several controversies.

He was caught up in the infamous expenses row, particularly as he took office at the height of the scandal.

Mr Bercow racked up a bill of £172 being chauffeur-driven to a conference less than a mile from Parliament and also spent £367 taking a car to Luton to deliver a speech on how MPs were restoring their reputation after the expenses scandal.

john bercow jeremy corbyn

John Bercow news: The departing Speaker received praise from several high-ranking politicians (Image: GETTY)

The Speaker also drew criticism for voicing his opposition to the suggestion US President Donald Trump might address the House of Commons during a state visit to the UK in 2017.

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He has faced allegations of bullying from former members of staff, which he has denied, and in January, came under increasing pressure to resign after he was found to have a “Bollocks to Brexit” sticker in his car window.

Mr Bercow explained to MPs: “That sticker on the subject of Brexit happens to be affixed to or in the windscreen of my wife’s car.

“She is entitled to her views: that sticker is not mine – and that’s the end of it.”

In March, he thwarted an attempt from then-Prime minister Theresa May to bring a third meaningful vote to Parliament on her Brexit deal after she had already suffered two humiliating defeats on it.



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