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GM doubles down on EV future.

GM’s Lockport New York component plant is preparing for a massive renovation. The plan is currently home to the production of many ancillary components used in the production of GM’s trucks. Moving forward, however, GM will use this historic plant to manufacture critical components for use in future electric vehicles.

GM Investing $154M To Build Electric Motors In New York

GM Investing $154M To Build Electric Motors In New York

The Lockport, NY-based plant dates back all the way to 1910 when it was Harrison Radiator Company, an organization that focused on the development and production of cutting-edge radiators for automotive use. Now, over 110 years later, this historic plan is preparing for the next automotive paradigm shift as it looks towards GM’s electric future. This plan will benefit from a $154M investment from GM that will also add over 230 new jobs over the next five years.

According to GM, “Lockport Components currently produces radiators, condensers, heater cores, evaporators, HVAC modules, oil coolers and other components used in a variety of GM trucks.” Moving forward, however, the focus will be specifically on the production of electric motor stator modules.

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A stator is the stationary component of an electric motor that surrounds the rotor of the electric motor that transmits the torque to the car’s wheels. The stator receives power from the vehicle’s battery and uses a series of conducting wires to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Needless to say, the stator of an eclectic motor is a very critical component that will determine the success of GM’s future EV products. This transition from engine supporting components to critical electric motor part production is a huge opportunity for the Lockport plant to impact the future of American EV transportation. GM states that the renovations will start immediately to keep pace with the growing demand for EVs.

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