GLAMOUR Masthead

European Editorial Director: Deborah Joseph
European Beauty Director/Deputy Editor: Camilla Kay
Entertainment Director/Assistant Editor: Emily Maddick
European Design Director: Dennis Lye
Operations Manager : Esohe Ebohon

Website Director: Bianca London
Acting Website Director: Ali Pantony
European Associate Director of Audience Development: Ellen Stewart
Fashion Editor: Charlie Teather
Associate Beauty Director: Lottie Winter
Beauty Editor: Elle Turner
Beauty/Entertainment Assistant: Sheilla Mamona 
Officer Manager and PA to European Editorial Director: Sally Hunter

Social Media Manager: Luca Wetherby Matthews 
Associate Social Media Manager: Kumba Kpakima

Commerce Editor: Sophie Cockett
Commerce Writer: Georgia Trodd
Commerce Writer: Lucy Smith
Commerce Writer: Denise Primbet

Creative Production Director: Grace Barnes
Senior Visual Editor: Chelsea Hughes
Digital Designer: James Smithson
Video Editor: Celia Gomez

Contributing writers:
Lucy Morgan
Fiona Ward
Anya Meyerowitz
Charley Ross
Francesca Specter
Jabeen Waheed
Alexandra Fullerton
Josh Smith


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