Gina Miller announces she will run for Parliament – 'I have to lead by example'


Ms Miller’s new party comes three years after breakaway MPs formed The Independent Group, later Change UK, only to lose their seats in the 2019 election.

Anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller has announced she is set to run for Parliament.

Ms Miller, 56 – who led a Supreme Court defeat against the government over the triggering of Article 50 – said she is ready to go all the way in order to diversify Parliament and deliver cost-effective policies.

She spoke exclusively to the Mirror a few hours after she held the launch event for her new True and Fair party at the QEII centre in Westminster.

Barely any seats were taken up at the Central London centre by the media, but that did not dampen her confidence.

When asked if she will stand for Parliament at the next election, she said: “Yes. Because if I stand up, and I expect others to… I have to lead by example.

True & Fair of Gina Miller, who has launched a new political party aimed at opposing what she calls the “elective dictatorship” in Westminster



“I have always felt that if you step on a platform, you have a civic duty that goes with that responsibility. I don’t take my responsibilities lightly.

“So now I’ve taken this decision, I intend to follow it all the way through.”

Ms Miller appeared in an all-cream outfit as she explained what the True and Fair party would bring to the table, saying: “It’s about being uplifting. We’re here to show there is a better future if we have a plan and a strategy.”

Ms Miller’s new party comes three years after breakaway MPs formed The Independent Group, later Change UK, only to lose their seats in the 2019 election.

She hopes standing for Parliament will encourage people from a range of backgrounds to be inspired.

She added: “I’m concentrating on what it is I want to focus on. There’s an idea that as a woman of colour I have no right to speak in some spaces, as some people told me since my court cases.

“And it’s just a way of distracting from what it is I’m actually trying to say. I’m much more focused on achieving, and I hope that will inspire others.”

Ms Miller briefly reflected on how far she’s come in her life.

Almost 17 years ago, she was rebuilding her life as a victim of domestic abuse.

“The cost of living crisis makes me feel sick to my stomach. It takes me back to a point of time in my life when I was looking in every coat pocket, and down the side of every sofa hoping I’d find pennies to go out and buy some food that week…” she quickly turned the conversation into a story of endurance.

“But I’ve survived it. I know what it feels like to have just about enough money to eat that week and having to go to your neighbour and say have you got an onion? I’ve got a bit of meat we can cook together.

“To think we are a country where we’ve got millions of people having to consider making those choices is a dereliction of political duty.”

Once she’s in Parliament she plans to fight for people living in poverty, “the people the Government have neglected”, she added.

She took a swipe at Boris Johnson’s leadership, saying: “There couldn’t be abetter time for us to launch because of the issues we are seeking to address.

Boris Johnson is being Boris Johnson.

“But what he does do is he has shone a light on the weaknesses of our system. Our political system has been based on the idea that we’d get the best leader and the best crew, but we’ve never actually invested in the machinery of the ship of Government.”

Ms Miller hopes to use the True and Fair party to “modernise and strengthen the machinery and democracy of our government”.

She said: “It is time for a new approach to politics. I hope that many people around the country will want to join the True and Fair Party to bring real and meaningful change.”

She revealed exclusive polling which found 66% of people would consider voting for a new political party.

It comes as Mr Johnson stands accused of “running scared” –

Boris Johnson after he apologised for a lockdown drinks 2020 party

She chuckled when asked how the launch event went – the event many described as sparsely populated with photo’s showing empty chairs.

Ms Miller said the party would have loved to do a face to face launch. “We had like 50 people wanting to come but we said no. On our website we had lots of people signing up to the launch. But we couldn’t take that chance because we are still in the midst of Covid.”

She added: “Whatever people say about me – and they’ve said quite a few things over the years – I get results.”

At the moment the party’s policies revolve around electoral reform and cleaning up politics. The Mirror understands proposals are set to be rolled out on education, health and social care soon.

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