Ghislaine Maxwell news: Heiress is ‘forced to wear paper clothes in prison’ as lawyers say she should be granted bail

GHISLAINE Maxwell has begged for release from jail on £4million bail, after pleading with a judge that she’s “not Jeffrey Epstein”.

Lawyers for the heiress filed court paperwork on Friday trying to spring her free by claiming she’s not a flight risk and that she could catch the coronavirus in prison.

Maxwell will appear in court via video-link in New York next Tuesday at 1pm.

The ex-girlfriend and alleged “madam” of convicted child sex offender Epstein was busted by the FBI in New Hampshire and charged with sex trafficking.

The 58-year-old is expected to be denied bail.

It comes following reports that Maxwell has had her clothes and sheets taken from her and forced to wear paper clothes in prison after Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide.

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