Get in on the building boom with 266,000 construction jobs up for grabs

YOUR career can saw to new heights with a secure future in the construction industry.

The post-Covid DIY boom, along with demand for new housing, means the UK needs an extra 266,000 construction workers by 2026, which is more than 66,000 new hires each year.

Your career can saw to new heights with a secure future in the construction industry


Your career can saw to new heights with a secure future in the construction industryCredit: Wayne Perry
The UK needs 266,000 new construction workers by 2026


The UK needs 266,000 new construction workers by 2026Credit: Getty

Sectors already recruiting heavily right now include housing, infrastructure, repair and maintenance and builders’ merchants.

Selco Builders Warehouse is opening 27 new branches, creating a total of 1,000 jobs, and there are more up for grabs at the company’s support centre in Birmingham.

Will Kox, 40, is the branch supervisor at Selco in Exeter. He said: “The main qualities Selco looks for are a can-do attitude, being a team player, and a friendly nature.

“It offers excellent pay and actively encourages you to progress your career on to the next level.”

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You can find out more about jobs with the firm at

Many firms are expanding apprenticeship schemes and providing first-hand experience of working on site through taster days and on-site experience hubs.

They are also encouraging more women and underrepresented groups to join the industry.

Tim Balcon, of the Construction Industry Training Board, said: “Construction is vital in supporting the UK economy.

“The industry has a lot to offer, and there is so much potential to engage in a career that sees you enter the industry as an apprentice and leave it as a CEO.”

This year, construction firms can access £110million in training grants.
Entry points and pay range from labouring jobs where no formal qualifications are needed to engineering positions which require specialist degrees.

Career advancement is quick and pay has risen sharply, to £25 an hour for self-employed builders.

See courses and more information at

Kebab fab, guys

German Doner Kebab is opening another 50 restaurants by the end of the year


German Doner Kebab is opening another 50 restaurants by the end of the yearCredit: GDK Global

ENGLAND may have triumphed over them in the women’s football Euros – but there is one German team Brits are queuing to join.

German Doner Kebab, which has more than 100 restaurants across the UK, is opening another 50 by the end of the year – with 2,000 jobs to fill.

Roles include restaurant general managers, assistant managers, supervisors and back-of-house and front-of-house roles, with full and part-time options for most positions.

The group’s Daniel Bunce said: “We are the fastest-growing restaurant brand in the fast-casual dining sector and have plenty of opportunities for people who are as passionate as we are about guest satisfaction.”

If you are interested, apply at

Small firm boost

COMPANY insolvencies have hit their highest level since 2009 and seven in ten small firms are struggling with rising costs.

Insurance firm Simply Business is stepping in to help, with its Business Boost Initiative offering a £25,000 cash prize to a deserving small firm.

Judges who will help decide which firm to award the money to include this year’s Apprentice winner Harpreet Kaur and former Dragon’s Den businessman Piers Linney.

Harpreet said: “As an entrepreneur, I sympathise greatly with the challenges small business owners endure.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of the initiative and give a fellow entrepreneur a boost.”

Apply no later than August 17, at


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Give out signs of success

TO EMOJI or not to emoji?

More than half of workers believe the digital graphics can help communicate nuance in the workplace with fewer words, a survey for messaging app Slack found.

But misuse can lead to confusion or worse. Here, Slack co-founder Cal Henderson, left, shares his top tips . . . 

Slack co-founded Cal Henderson shares his top tips on using emojis


Slack co-founded Cal Henderson shares his top tips on using emojisCredit: Slack

SET CLEAR GUIDELINES: With new forms of communication, new guidance is needed for the team. For instance, a tick emoji could signify a task has been completed.

BE WARY OF INTERNATIONAL MISCOMMUNICATION:The interpretation of emojis differs between countries. While 36 per cent of global respondents said the eyes one means, “I see you”, a quarter believed it meant, “Tell me the gossip”.

STEER CLEAR OF ‘NOT SAFE FOR WORK’ SYMBOLS: The peach and aubergine emojis are shunned by a third of workers for their sexual connotations.

But be wary, too, of the kissing heart, as some workers believe it means, “I love you”, platonically, while others think it is a romantic come-on.

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO USE EMOJIS WITH YOUR BOSS: More than half of workers are afraid to do this, but it can help you build a strong relationship.

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The adoption of emojis in the workplace helps to make work more fun, enjoyable, efficient and, importantly, human.

AGREE EMOJI CODE: The symbols can be a swift way to show someone you are, say, commuting, in a meeting or at lunch.


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