Games with Gold June 2019: Good Xbox Live news ahead of free Xbox One games reveal

Games with Gold June 2019 line-up will be revealed by Major Nelson soon with a whole host of new free Xbox One games getting announced.

Time is running out for the Games with Gold June 2019 announcement to be made with only a few days left in the month.

While Sony announce their new PS Plus line-ups on a specific day in the month, Microsoft are a bit more unpredictable.

The new Games with Gold reveal typically takes place at the end of the month, but the date and time that happens at varies.

The only thing that’s certain is Microsoft historically have not announced new selections of Xbox One free games on the last day in the month.

So, that means the Games with Gold June 2019 announcement is most likely to happen today (Thursday May 30).

As the Games with Gold June 2019 announcement approaches Major Nelson has delivered some great news to Xbox One fans.

New Deals with Gold offers have become available ahead of the Games with Gold June 2019 announcement being made.

The headline deals are Tekken 7 being reduced from £39.99 to £20 and Dark Souls Remastered being reduced from £34.99 to £24.49.

These money saving deals are only available for Xbox Live Gold members.

Click here to find out the full list of Deals with Gold that are running right now for a limited time only.

The news comes as another great offer is running which Xbox One fans can take advantage of at the moment.

Recently the price of a yearly Xbox Live Gold membership in the UK rose from £39.99 to £49.99.

Microsoft said this was taking place to “address market conditions”.

But right now you can get a saving of 26 per cent on the new price of an Xbox Live Gold yearly membership at CDKeys.

The online retailer is offering a big saving on Xbox Live with the price of a yearly subscription reduced to £36.79.


If you get an Xbox Live Gold membership now you’ll also be able to download the Games with Gold May 2019 selection of free Xbox One games.

Xbox One fans can right now get Marooners and The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour with Games with Gold.

Earlier this month Xbox 360 game Earth Defence Force Insect Armageddon was available as part of Games with Gold.

But this Games with Gold title has now been replaced with Comic Jumper.

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