Games Inbox: Watching The Game Awards, Call Of Duty 2019, and Horizon Chase Turbo love

I am almost at the end of Red Dead Redemption II and to say it’s been a disappointment is an understatement. The original is one of my favourite gams of all times and so my anticipation for the sequel was sky high.

However, behind the phenomenal tech, well written characters, and interesting storylines is one of the most uninteresting games that I’ve ever played. The whole game plays out identically.

Ride for ages, have a conversation, cut scene, shootout. The mechanics are really annoying and it’s just in no way fun to play. The only reason I have made it to (almost) the end is because of the aforementioned characters, story, and tech.

It’s the most disappointed I’ve ever been in a game.

On the plus side, this year for me truly has been the year of VR.

Astro Bot is without question my game of the year, closely followed by Tetris Effect, Beat Saber, and Moss.
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