Games Inbox: Nintendo console power, the niche PlayStation 5, and cheap Super Mario Maker 2

Interesting to see Sony talking openly about the PlayStation 5 again, in a way it feels like they’ve said more about it than Microsoft have Project Scarlett, even though they weren’t at E3. As a fan though I can’t help but think where all this leaves Nintendo. I very much agreed with the Reader’s Feature at the weekend which said that most of these company’s problems is getting distracted and not just getting on with the business of making games. Which is a pitfall that Sony apparently are already making sure to avoid, given what they were saying.

Games aren’t a problem for Nintendo, in terms of quality if not quantity, but what are they going to do when the new consoles are much more powerful than the already low-powered Switch? And what about when streaming makes it so that everyone can have the equivalent of an ultra spec ninja PC on their smartphone?

They’ll still want to play great games, which Nintendo can provide, but I’m not sure what else they’ll be able to bring to the table at that point. We know there’s been streaming experiments in Japan, and they’ve obviously been talking to Microsoft, but we’ve all heard these kind of stories before with Nintendo and they never come to anything.

Even the rumoured portable-only and pro version of the Switch, that everyone seemed so certain was coming this summer, don’t have a scrap of evidence behind them. Don’t get me wrong, I worry that Nintendo are going to be left out of this new technological race and the all these years of not having powerful hardware is going to bit them on the ass. No, I don’t expected a Switch as powerful as an Xbox One X, but where getting to the point where ordinary people might though.

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