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RE: Hexy. I have a games room and I’d heartily recommend it if your missus gives you the nod. I’ve got a big OLED TV in it for daytime playing (very rare I get the chance), a 42″ ancient rear protection TV for my old consoles, and a projector for night time gaming – all connected up to surround sound. Gives the more cinematic games a real edge, and projectors now are stupidly small and cheap so every home should have one if they have space for the screen.

There’s nothing else in it other than a massive squidgy chair and all my consoles, games, Technics 1210s from my DJ younger years, and gaming tat so if I’m in that room, my head is in full-on relax mode and nobody bothers me. It’s soundproofed too, so I don’t bother anyone either, especially when I get the vinyl out and the decks on.

It also leaves the rest of my home to be relatively normal and tidy which pleases the other half, with no gaming clutter lying around for guests to make judgement on (a 40-year-old man with Spyro statues often gets funny looks) – although there is an Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the lounge, they’re out of sight and used purely for digital games and Blu-rays/UHD. My girlfriend goes in there sometimes to play Tomb Raider, watch a girlie romcom, or the soppy dog films she likes so that’s probably why I was allowed to commandeer it. That and she bagsied the garage before we even moved in for her business supplies or I’d have taken over that most likely.

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If I had the money I’d do a Colin Furze and build an underground bunker and have a real man cave with a jukebox, bar, drum kit, pool table, gym equipment, etc., but sadly Sky won’t be paying me to build one like they did him. One day maybe.

Good luck persuading Mrs Hexy to allow you to take it over, I’m sure you’ll love it if she does.



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