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If a portable-only Switch with non-detachable controllers is released it would be interesting to see whether it changes Nintendo’s habit of having a preferred control method, usually motion controls, in mind when they design their games.

This was a minor irritation during my playthrough of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on Wii U, as I’d have to switch from Pro Controller to GamePad in order to complete the segments that required gyroscopic controls. This wasn’t a huge issue as I only really played the game on the TV briefly while the GamePad was charging, so the situation didn’t arise too often.

However, having recently started Super Mario Odyssey in handheld mode it felt like there were quite a few actions in the tutorial level that I could only carry out if I played with Joy-Cons detached. As a result I mentally earmarked the game as being ‘not for handheld mode’, and I’ve not gone back to it in weeks due to time and space constraints. Additionally, that is my least favourite way to play the console, docked or un-docked.

Now, I’m one of millions to have played the game and it clearly doesn’t bother everyone (or possibly anyone else!), but non-detachable controllers would in effect render certain actions impossible to complete (without the purchase of a separate set of Joy-Cons). That would be a bit unfair. I know Nintendo like to champion motion controls but I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have a button-combination alternative for each motion-controlled action, for those of us that don’t have Joy in their lives.

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GC: There are motion control alternatives for the moves in Super Mario Odyssey and we assume Joy-Cons will be compatible with the portable-only model, so that option would exist. Although that’s assuming any of these rumours are true in the first place.



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