Games Inbox: Heatwave vs. video games, Darksiders 3 release date, and Animal Crossing free-to-play

RE: Naughty Dog. I am a PC gamer who used to have a PlayStation 3 and only recently bought a PlayStation 4 to play the exclusive games. Glad to see someone who thinks the same as me, as I was beginning to think I was the only person who thinks it’s terrible. I loved playing Uncharted 1 to 3, but more for the characters, quality of voice acting, and storytelling than for the game itself.

By the time I got to 3, I was done with the series and was not so interested in either console for its exclusives any more. But God of War changed my mind, so I picked up a few others going dirt cheap. Uncharted 4 was spoken of highly by everyone, but it’s so bland and after six to seven hours I’m still really bored with it. The first couple hours were dire, and just walk from here to there and watch another cut scene… zzzzzzzz

I was not a fan of The Last Of Us either on PlayStation 3, as the mechanics were shoddy but the storytelling was exceptional again.

So basically, Naughty Dog are great technically and create exceptional cinematic experiences, but the games themselves, for me, leave something to be desired.

I’m looking forward to playing Ratchet & Clank and inFamous though, and at this point, even The Order: 1866 seems like it might be worth punt over Uncharted 4.

GC: If you like The Order: 1866 but not Uncharted 4 we will be shocked.


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