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RE: Gonch and subscription services providing too much of a good thing, inducing buffet mentality of grabbing everything but not spending quality time on anything.

This has always been my main issues with subscription services, cramming in enough viewing/gaming to justify the cost and getting the time in to play/watch the things you like before they leave. I’ve taken to rotating my Netflix and Sky cinema/entertainment pass on a six-month basis.

Game Pass is a magnificent bargain. Today sees Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night added, I’m downloading it now. The last six months has seen added Devil My Cry 5, Dead Cells, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Blair Witch, Stellaris Console Edition, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Blazing Chrome, Monster Hunter: World, Into The Breach on Game Pass PC/Ultimate, Metro Exodus, Gears 5, Batman: Return To Arkham, Hollow Knight, Outer Wilds, Quantum Break, Shenmue I & II, SteamWorld Dig 2, DiRT Rally 2 soon and The Outer Worlds arrives next month. There’s more but my hands are tired.

Aside from the first party games though you know there’s a ticking clock on all the games so it’s hard not to panic and try to fill your gaming plate with everything before it’s gone. You have to relax, prioritise the titles you most want to play and enjoy them fully. As long as you’re getting enough time to play it’s not hard to get your monies worth out of Game Pass, you just have to except you’ll miss some stuff on it before it leaves.

I can see a future where I swap out Game Pass services like I do TV, having multiple subs means you don’t have a cat’s hell in chance of extracting sufficient value from each.

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