Games Inbox: Best video game dialogue, PC vs. next gen consoles, and TimeSplitters 4 revelation

I wrote in on Monday mentioning I wouldn’t be buying a PlayStation 5, to which GC asked on what basis had I already ruled one out? This is an interesting question because I’ve been a console gamer for decades and used to love the hype surrounding new launches, but in January this year I got a graphics card, turning my PC into a budget gaming system (which I wrote a feature about and I now find myself caring less about consoles in general and more about the PC enthusiast scene.

Apart from possibly the Switch (or anything else in the future that has that Nintendo uniqueness), I can’t really see myself buying a Microsoft or Sony console again, even for exclusive games.

Sure, PC hardware can be a lot more expensive and you cannot trade in games, as the vast majority of them are now digital-only, but generally speaking anything a console can do a PC does better. I find playing shooters with a mouse far better than a controller and with consoles you are also dealing with cut down or slightly older tech, even when just released.

I know this is done for cost measures but by the time PlayStation 5/Xbox Two launches, the chip makers will have released newer processors and the graphics card makers new newer generation cards. These are likely to be more expensive than the whole consoles themselves, but the performance will probably be immense in comparison, especially the high-end stuff.

I’m not saying this to put consoles down as, of course, they’re great if you don’t want to delve too much into the techy side of things and you just want something to boot up and work without a fuss, but there is nothing like putting together your own system and admiring your build or even other peoples’.

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From running high refresh rate ultra-wide monitors, to using unique cases with tempered glass side panels, to RGB fans, RAM and whatnot, to custom loop liquid cooling solutions, to incredible looking (and pricey) graphics cards, I didn’t know you could turn something as boring as a PC into a work of art!



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