'Further proof this pandemic has reduced us to 1950s stereotypes': This Government ad showing women staying home to clean & homeschool is branded 'horrendous'

A government Coronavirus advert advising the nation to ‘stay home and save lives’ has gone viral for all the wrong reasons – because it features solely women.

The shocking advert, which has gone viral across Twitter and Instagram, shows four illustrations: a couple relaxing on the sofa, a woman ironing, a woman homeschooling her two children and a woman teaching her daughter how to perform household chores. Wow.

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The advert has been met with huge backlash from women who are hailing it ‘horrendous’, ‘unbelievable’ and ‘like a scene from the 1950s’.

“Further proof this pandemic has reduced women to 1950s stereotypes,” wrote one woman, which pretty much sums up the general mood of the people who’ve seen it.

The shocking advert was originally posted on the Government’s Facebook page but has since been deleted – but not before people around the world screenshotted and shared it.

“This is an absolute joke, I almost can’t believe it’s real. So along with a global pandemic, we’ve also been transported back to the 1950s. GREAT!’, wrote one woman. Another added: “It’s the woman teaching her daughter how to do chores that really gets me, welcome to 1921.”

The advert comes after a TUC report released on 14th January highlighted the huge impact that homeschooling is having on working families, and as it did in ‘Lockdown the First’ the burden of education is falling into the hands of the women.

Out of the 55,630 self-selecting respondents – 93% were female. Nice to see the gender gap is still alive and well, almost a reassuring constant in these dark and uncertain times.

In the survey, can you guess how many mums said they were negatively affected by stress and anxiety? ‘And our survey said… Nine out of ten!’ NINE.

GLAMOUR has contacted the Government for comment on this ad and is awaiting response.


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