Functionality Inspired by the Workforce Continues to Drive Men’s Fashion

Functionality Inspired by the Workforce Continues to Drive Men’s Fashion

It’s always been somewhat of an oddity that men’s fashion is almost demanded to adhere to the desire of clothing to be functional. This isn’t always so much the case in women’s fashion, but to sell in the men’s section, functionality can be key. In recent times, work and functional gear has risen to prominence even more so in men’s fashion, with workwear, work boots, boiler suits, big utility belts, fishing apparel – mainly the jackets – and the ever-present armed forces-inspired warcore line of clothing becoming increasingly common in casual men’s wear and on the catwalk.

While the everyday man with an eye for fashion doesn’t have to go all-out with some camouflage-print cargo trousers, proper fly-fishing jackets, or huge buckled utility belts, there is something to be said for the jackets and boots of this trend. Particularly in the UK, when out and about during these rather gloomy winter months, having tough but comfortable footwear that looks good as well as a durable waterproof jacket that will keep your true style dry underneath are crucial. Functionality and looking good can be achieved in this fashion trend of functionality if you know where to look.

Boots above all else

Big work boots have really caught on in men’s fashion over the years, and it’s likely because – once given a more fashionable style – they provide unrivalled functionality and comfort. Men, regardless of if they’ve worked in a profession that requires work boots, know that they are built to last, are sturdy, are often very workwear, and that the top brands also make them very comfortable as those who wear them the most spend many hours on their feet. There’s also the bonus that they subtly add a little extra height as well.

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This is where Red Wing Shoes came onto the scene. The company now creates lifestyle footwear made for the modern man with classic American craftsmanship. Red Wing Shoes claim that it was in the 1970s that people in Europe and Japan started to wear work boots as stylised footwear. Even though the American heritage company sell many types of shoes, in the UK store, it’s the Moc Toe Boots, Iron Ranger Boots, and Blacksmith Boots which stand as bestsellers.

Rain jackets now a necessity

For a while, proper rain jackets almost fell out of fashion, but the men of the UK quickly realised that, given the weather patterns, they are actually a necessity. There are now many different forms, from big puffy jackets to the sleek and thin throw over, but there’s no denying the functionality, usefulness, and increasingly fashionable appeal of the specialised work rain jackets.

Inspired to create functional work attire that inspires workers to be better, German company engelbert strauss has almost inadvertently created a very fashionable line of rain jackets through making their products as functional and appealing as possible to workers. Among the highlights of their rain jackets offering are the very modern e.s. Functional Jacket Cotton Touch – particularly in midnight blue – as well as the two-toned Functional Jacket e.s.prestige.

Functionality is key in men’s fashion: apparel must serve its original purpose and more as well as look good. This why work-like boots and rain jackets continue to hold appeal.

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