Full Blue Moon 2019 UK: What is once in a blue moon? 10 superstitious beliefs about the lunar spectacle

You may use the phrase “once in a Blue Moon” to describe how often you find a fiver down the back of the sofa, or in reference to how many times you use your gym membership – but where did the saying actually come from?

A blue moon will be gracing the night skies on Saturday 18 May, but there’s more wonder behind this astronomical phenomenon that just its rarity.

Along with blue moons come a slew of superstitions and myths, ranging anywhere from your likeliness of love to possible lunacy.

So tread carefully this Saturday night and remember these superstitions when the blue moon’s burning. While they may seem silly, it’s better to be safe than sorry – or at least, have a good laugh.


Close your curtains. It is believed that if any stray rays of light from the blue moon stream onto your sleeping body through the window, they will give you lunacy, a moon-induced insanity.

All things come in threes. According to Welsh tradition, if a member of your family dies during a blue moon, three more family members will follow. Better take your vitamins this week.

Lose the specs. Apparently, looking at a blue moon through any type of glass will give you bad luck for 30 days, even if it’s just your reading glasses. Perhaps Saturday should be a contact lens kind of day, yeah?

What is a super blood moon?

Go on a midnight stroll. Picking flowers and gathering berries during a blue moon is said to bring beauty to the beholder, which might not be a bad idea since swimsuit season is just around the corner.

Blue moon babies. There has long been an association between the moon and pregnancy, with different cultures speculating that women become more fertile during a blue moon (and even better, a full moon).

Set some goals. It’s believed that if a person plans a goal under the blue moon, he or she will attain it quite soon after. There’s no harm in taking some time to really think about what you’d like to achieve in the immediate future, so perhaps this one is worth a go, after all.

Open your heart. Many cultures believe that you’ve got a higher chance of falling in love during a blue moon, so if you’ve been craving a summer bae, maybe you’ll meet them Saturday night.


Beware the black moon. What’s even rarer than a blue moon? A black moon. Every 19 years, January and March are blue moon months, meaning February does not have a full moon at all. These black moon months are believed to cause anger, frustration and resentment, so thank God we made it through February. The next black moon isn’t until 2037, so you’ve got plenty of time to prep for it before it comes around.

Blue moons foster betrayal. Supposedly, blue moons come from the old word for blue, ‘belewe,’ which means ‘to betray.’ So keep your friends distant this weekend, and expect betrayals on the night of the blue moon…or worse, discover that you’re the betrayer.

Unlucky December. If 13 full moons happen to fall in the same year, the 13th moon is considered to be very, very unlucky. The last 13th moon occurred on the night of December 22, 2018, as during that year there were two blue moons. The next 13th moon will make an appearance in 2037.


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