From tonal manis to negative space – the autumn nail art trends to know about

Pearl embellishments are set to be big (Picture: Getty)

Nails have been a hot topic this summer, whether it be the new French rainbow manicure or the recently coined lipstick-shape.

Now September is here, it’s time to get excited about the new nail styles set to be big for autumn.

Most of the autumn trends give a nod to the popular summer looks, but push them one step further.

Here are some of the biggest nail art ideas and colour trends for autumn, that will no doubt be dominating our Instagram feeds over the coming months.

Tonal manicures

We’ve seen tonal nails plastered over our Insta feeds this summer – a look where each nail is painted a different colour.

The trick with tonal manicures is that each shade should belong to the same colour family.

This autumn will see a continuation of the popular summer nail trend, but we’re bound to see bright colours swapped for more muted shades and deeper autumnal hues such as burgundy and grey.

In terms of logistics, a good way to do it is to opt for the darkest colour on the thumb and go lighter towards the little finger.


Animal flourishes

For the past two years or so, animal has been one of the most lusted after prints for clothing (just think back to the Reformation leopard print skirt).

This season, we’re expecting to see animal print expand to the nail art industry.

But rather than taking up the whole nail (which may be a little too much Cruella de Vil for some people) delicate animal accents are set to be a key trend. Think nude base and animal tips or half nude half animal.

Tortoiseshell is predicted to be a particularly popular design this autumn – perhaps due to its warm tone.

How to create tortoiseshell nails:

1. Apply a base coat

2. Apply a layer of brown polish

3. Apply a thin layer of yellow polish on top

4. Apply dark brown dashes – you can use your regular polish brush, as the dashes or splodges don’t need to be precise

(Picture: Shoreditch Nails)

5. With a clean brush, smudge the dashes

6. Apply black dots

(Picture: Shoreditch Nails)

7. Smudge those with a brush, too

8. Apply a top coat


(Picture: Shoreditch Nails)


Twists on the French mani

Earlier this year, the French rainbow manicure was all anyone could talk about, and this twist on the signature style will be sticking around for the rest of 2019 too.

The key with this trend is to experiment, whether that’s with colour or shape.

Colorful, angular tips that run down the side of the nail have become increasingly popular on Instagram and are something we expect to see a lot more of.

Being a playful take on such as timeless nail design, the updated French manicure (whatever style you choose) should look good on all nails, be them natural or acrylic. Just be aware that the longer the nail, the more space you have to experiment with the tips.


Polka Dot

This summer, a £39.99 Zara dress proved that we can’t get enough of polka dots, and the good news is that they’re sticking around for the chillier months too.

Spotty nails are set to be big for autumn 2019, with celebs such as Ariana Grande sporting the look earlier this year.

If you’re painting nails at home, don’t be afraid to experiment. Different sized spots tend to look the best – this will also make it easier as nails don’t need to be uniform. Try using the blunt end of a toothpick to create the circular shapes.


Negative space

Within the world of beauty we’re often told less is more, and that certainly is the case for this autumnal nail trend.

Expect to see more and more cutouts and negative space (basically, where there’s no nail polish).

Negative space is often used for effect, like to make another part of the nail stand out with a quirky print or for a colour block design.


Pearl embellishments (3D nails)

This season, nail art is entering a new dimension – quite literally.

Embellished 3D nails are set to be more and more in demand, especially when it comes to pearl accessories.

For a more muted look, nude nails with press-on pearl appliqués look super feminine and sophisticated. Those looking for a more dramatic style could opt for a metallic nail polish and glue the pearl embellishments on top.


Accented tips

We’ve seen a lot of rainbow and pastel tips this summer, with a variety of playful variations.

Accented tips are set to be big this autumn too, as lighter colours are swapped for deeper hues and metallic flourishes.

Just remember to keep the base of the nail clear or nude so that all the attention is on the tip.

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