Fresh selection process for CoP and Deputy, PSC announces

The Police Service Commission (PSC) will embark on a new selection process for a Commissioner of Police (CoP) and Deputy CoP.

In a statement, the PSC advised that it won’t take any further action on the 2021 selection process for the office of CoP after reviewing legal advice.

The Commission said a fresh selection process will commence, in accordance with the proper process and procedures for compiling the list of nominees to comprise a merit list for the office of CoP.

Legal Notice 277, as amended by Legal Notice 278 allows the PSC to start a new search for a CoP and Deputy CoP.

The current PSC came into office on November 16, 2021 after the previous commission collapsed with a series of successive resignations in the wake of the debacle surrounding the appointment of a CoP.

While a merit list was compiled as a result of the selection process and submitted to the President on August 11, 2021 it was immediately withdrawn.

Then, when the contract for former Police Commissioner Gary Griffith ended on August 17, 2021 and he was appointed to act a day later. Deputy Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob was appointed to act in the role.

An October 14, 2021 High Court ruling found both appointments unconstitutional and invalid.

In December 2021, McDonald Jacob was approved as Acting Commissioner of Police.


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