French girl, 14, who was kidnapped, beaten and gang raped is rescued after police used Snapchat to find her GPS location

A MISSING 14-year-old girl who was locked up, kidnapped, beaten and gang-raped by two men has been rescued.

Police officers were able to trace the teen’s phone using Snapchat’s GPS to a residence in the Cabucelle district of Marseille, France on Friday evening.

The 14-year-old had been locked in a tiny apartment in the Cabucelle district of Marseille


The 14-year-old had been locked in a tiny apartment in the Cabucelle district of Marseille
Officers used the GPS on Snapchat in order to locate her


Officers used the GPS on Snapchat in order to locate her

The young girl, who has not been named, was reportedly lured into the tiny apartment by a 26-year-old man who had offered to host her after she ran away from home last week.

But she was reportedly made to smoke cannabis before the suspect and another 64-year-old man allegedly took turns in raping her.

The teen, who later told police she was forced to give oral sex, was taken to hospital for treatment before she was later returned home to her family. 

The two men have since been arrested and charged on Sunday with kidnapping and rape of a minor, but have maintained the sex was consensual. 

Cops were first alerted to the kidnapping by the girl’s parents early on Friday morning when she sent messages over Instagram as her captors slept.

She explained that she had been kidnapped and beaten but was too disorientated to specify where she had been taken.  

The girl was soon asked to turn on her location on Snapchat to allow police to track her down. 

From there, she reportedly kept in touch with officers via messaging apps – fearing that speaking would wake her kidnappers.

Once police found the apartment building, they began knocking on each of the doors until the teen texted “yes” to confirm they had the correct flat.

And as they stormed the tiny apartment, cops allegedly discovered one of the suspects trying to delete evidence from his phone as he was taken into custody.   

An assessment found that the victim had been under the influence of drugs as she was hospitalised for emergency treatment.

She later underwent a medical examination, which confirmed she had signs of “anal lesions,” according to local media.

After the arrest, a policewoman at the Information and Command Centre in Marseille was praised for her innovative method of tracking down the victim, as she later described the case as “rare” and “unique.”

“This rescue took place thanks to Snapchat, but above all took place thanks to the excellent idea of ​​the young assistant policewoman from the Information and Command Center (CIC), without whom nothing would have been possible,” department secretary, Rudy Manna, said. 

“Snapchat alone would not have allowed the arrest of these individuals,” he added.  

Police confirmed that the investigation is ongoing.

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