Mustang has announced the launch of a new brand design and product branding for the start of the 2022 autumn/winter season.

Drawing on its heritage as the first European denim brand and in line with its authentic brand values, Mustang has worked with the agency Strichpunkt to give its logo, trademark, colours, product labelling and visual identity an innovative makeover.

The new brand identity is a key element of its brand strategy. Mustang’s goal is to fine-tune its brand image and strengthen its brand appeal, in this way ensuring further growth, especially in international markets.

The new brand image is clear, consistent and contemporary. It will be visible at all touchpoints, including products, communication, store design and the online shop.

The new logo will seamlessly connect with the denim manufacturer’s history and express the idea of freedom embodied in the mustang image. To emphasise this aspect, the “restrictive” box around the logo has been removed, allowing it to stand alone and breathe more freely.

The trademark has been modernised and modified in keeping with the contours of a real horse. Dashed lines, a recurring element of the brand design, pay homage to the traditional jeans seam.

Mustang will remain true to itself and to the colour red, but a shade has been chosen that is a bit fresher and more dynamic. The company’s colour range also includes a dark red and a dark denim blue.

The product labelling has also been revised and brought into harmony with the new brand design. Special hang tags bearing the motto True Change will carry sustainability messages on the products.

Mustang’s new visual language will depict authentic situations and show people experiencing freedom in unique ways: True Moments. Such moments can be enjoyed alone or with friends; they can be accompanied by powerful emotions or felt in an atmosphere of peace; they can be experienced in a busy city environment or in untouched natural surroundings. They are open to anyone, anywhere and at any time, because true freedom comes from the heart!



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